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19 thoughts on “Events

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  2. I’ve jotted this down on my calender and will do my best to remember. Any chance you sending out a reminder e-mail a week or so prior to the event? Us old farts are often forgetf…what was I typing about???

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  5. Kayla — I’m all set for the hop, but I can’t remember if you sent me an email after you put me on the list. I may have dreamed it, but did you have wordcount and delivery date rules? If you did, I’ve misplaced it! Please resend. Or maybe you should post something like that, now that we’re so close.

    • Hello! I’ll be sending out an email on Tuesday or Wednesday. There aren’t really any rules other than posting on the morning of September 16th between midnight and six am your in your time zone, so it will be more of a reminder about the hop.

      • Thanks, Kayla! Sorry for the bother. Just read your blog about you revealing the real Kayla. About organization: hit my personal limit the last 40 days! May have to break down and start using a computer calendar. Any suggestions? Arrgh! as Jennifer Crusie would say!

  6. I like Google Calendar. You can have multiple calendars all on the same page and you can receive email notifications of events and important things. It’s pretty easy to work with once you explore it a bit. You can also share calendars with someone or make a public one for your fans to keep up on what you’re doing and embed it on your website.

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