Winner takes all giveaway!

WOW! Check out all these awesome books!

Rainy Kaye had an awesome idea for an epic giveaway and I wanted in. There are so many awesome books in this giveaway, and of course, Where the Carnies Are is included. The giveaway is easy entry through rafflecopter, so scroll down and enjoy the beautiful covers before entering the giveaway of a lifetime. You can win enough ebooks to keep you happy for a very long time.

Scroll to the bottom to enter to win all 28 ebooks! There’s a little of everything, for a total of over $85 worth of ebooks. Winner takes all!

summoned_cover_final_bigger the forever girl sunbolt magicless misfortune the polaris uprising the zodiac collectr prophecy girl no good deed his source hidden gene cards fearless and feminine famine echoes fairy texas robot awareness sac sex ray specs copper ravens carnies redcap baba ali a home for jesse radiant shadows killing jena crane tort wally

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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