The Magician Rediscovers the Magic

Well, obviously I failed miserably at the A to Z Challenge, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on the flash fiction stories I was writing. Here is the M story:

The Magician Rediscovers the Magic

The magician took a bow at the end of his show. There was a forced smile on his face as the small crowd clapped and dispersed. He was Roberto the Great, but lately he hadn’t felt so great.

The fact that he had to hold back his magic for the townies made him cringe. He wanted to show the world what he could really do, but carny law forbade him from revealing real magic to the boring humans.

“If I keep this up, I’ll turn into one of those boring humans,” Roberto muttered to himself backstage. He knew the passion of traveling the world and doing shows had waned. He used to enjoy the delight he saw in the faces of children and adults in the crowds. Now it only brought him sorrow because he couldn’t show them who he really was.

Roberto wondered if it was his time. The time to retire came in every carny’s life. Usually it happened when a carny would realize they were just getting too old for the traveling, but in Roberto’s case, he was just tired of the same old boring tricks. The limits placed on him were a burden he could bare no longer. He wondered if there were some way to revive the amazing feeling he used to get when he entertained a crowd.

The only way was to push the limits and stretch the boundaries. Small tricks in a big way. He’d need to stay under the radar, but at the same time he had to show off just a little.

For his next show, he decided to go for it. If it didn’t work out, his only option was retirement. He knew he had to try.

The crowd gathered around his stage.

“For my first trick, I will need a volunteer.”

A young boy, about 12 years old, raised his hand. Roberto motioned for him to step forward.

“Do you have something I can borrow? I promise to give it back to you in the same condition,” Roberto said.

The boy pointed to his watch and asked if it would work. Roberto nodded and was given the watch.

“As you can see here, this watch is a very personal object to my volunteer. It has worn leather and I’ve also just noticed that there are initials engraved in the back, the letters JHT.”

Roberto took off his top hat and showed the crowd there was nothing inside. He then placed the watch inside and covered it with a red bandanna.

“Siris appearis!” Roberto shouted. A puff of smoke lifted off the hat. Normally, Roberto would make the watch appear on his own wrist, allowing the crowd to venture to guess it was a slight of hand trick. Instead, he made the watch appear on the wrist of the volunteer. The crowd gasped and clapped.

There it was. The magic was back for Roberto the Great. He had found a way to enjoy his job again.


3 thoughts on “The Magician Rediscovers the Magic

    • I’m glad you’ve been enjoying them! I just stalled really bad on writing them. Worst time for writer’s block to hit, lol! But now I’m feeling the juices flowing again, so I’m going to try to get it going again.

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