A to Z Update

Hey guys! Yes, I’m behind on my A to Z posts. The first 10 or so were already written before April even began, and I thought I could write the next ten during the first ten days and the last 6 during the second ten days. Well, I got super busy and I wasn’t able to write ahead very far. So I WILL be posting K and L sometime today (Monday) it may not be until later, but I will get them done today. So hang in there and I will deliver some flash fiction based on Where the Carnies Are very soon! In the mean time, check out the previous ones if you haven’t already!

April 2014 A to Z Posts


3 thoughts on “A to Z Update

  1. Good luck on the catch up, I see from my visits, you’re not alone. I wrote all but 2 posts before April, got stuck on 2 letters and just yesterday had a thought for 1 of the two…still hoping I’ll find inspiration for the last difficult letter.

  2. I wrote mine last minute, and then ended up forgetting a letter – no you are not the only one! And some of these letters are tricky – I am currently really confused on what to write for Q (I keep on thinking Quantum physics, but I know nothing about the subject, lol) – good luck!

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