A to Z Challenge: The Dwarf’s New Partner

For the A to Z Challenge, I’ll be writing flash fiction pieces based in the world featured in my upcoming novel, Where the Carnies Are. You’ll meet some of the characters and learn their back stories. These stories are completely original and are not part of the book.

The Dwarf’s New Partner

Summer had ended and Gerald had returned to Crescent Kingdom a few days after the rest of his company had. His camper awaited him in the section reserved for the rest of the people he traveled with.

It was a short trek, but for someone who only stood a little over three feet tall, it would take longer. Fortunately for Gerald, he knew the underbelly of the kingdom well and he could take many shortcuts that taller people couldn’t. He was anxious to get home and relax for a few days.

Once he entered the area where the rest of his company made camp, he saw his manager out and about.

“Gerald, I’ve been wondering when you’d show up,” Steve said.

“I had some business to take care of before coming back,” Gerald replied.

“Well, now that you’re back, I want to introduce you to someone. I think the two of you should do an act together next season.”

“You know me, I like to mix things up. You can make the introduction anytime.”

“Do you have time right now?”

Gerald groaned inside. He really wanted to get home, but a short introduction couldn’t hurt, so he nodded.

“Follow me,” Steve said.

Steve lead Gerald to a large tent and hollered out for the resident, “Herald! You in there?”

“Yes, come in!” boomed a loud voice.

Gerald followed Steve through the opening. Sitting on a chair with a seat that Gerald could likely rest his chin on without bending down, was the largest man he’d ever seen. The giant was about three times the size of Gerald. The strange thing that caught Gerald’s eye was that he and the giant were dressed almost exactly the same. Their hairstyle was similar too.

“Herald, this is Gerald. I realize the two of you are quite different in size, but the similarities beside that are just too much to ignore. I think the two of you will get along great and be able to put together a very entertaining show,” Steve said.

“Nice to meet you,” Herald said in a loud voice.

“Nice to meet you, too,” Gerald replied.

“I’ll let you guys get acquainted,” Steve said before leaving the tent.

“Have a seat,” as he gestured to a normal sized chair. Gerald climbed into it and looked up at the giant.

“I realize this might be a bit awkward, but I do think we can come up with a great act that people will enjoy. If you want to work with me, I would be very happy to create a partnership and friendship with you.”

Gerald thought it over for a few moments. It wasn’t often that a dwarf and a giant worked together successfully, but what was show business without a challenge to overcome?

“I think we should give it a try,” he said. A few doubts were left in his mind, but once Herald started talking to him about his ideas, they were washed away like a sandcastle at high tide.


Where the Carnies Are

Where the Carnies Are blurb:

Olive is having a very bad day. She caught her boyfriend cheating on her, she lost her job, and she stumbled into a portal leading to a secret carnival kingdom which she can’t escape. The good news is she meets an eccentric, but stunningly handsome knife thrower. The bad news is she can’t go home for another two months.

The world she lands in is full of sideshow characters, terrifying amusement rides and her biological parents’ past. She was born a carny, but raised as a normal human. Magic lives in her blood, but it hasn’t reached her heart. To find out who she really is, and why carnies are disappearing, Olive must deceive the king with the help of Alex the knife thrower.

Olive and Alex play a dangerous game with their emotions when they decide to have a fling during Olive’s stay. They both lead very different lives and decide that being together for the rest of their lives is not possible, but a short affair is certainly on the menu. Will they make it through the annual festival with both their hearts and lives intact or will the king take matters into his own hands?

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6 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge: The Dwarf’s New Partner

  1. I like the idea of a carnival being the backdrop to your book. There will be a host of characters to create and explore. I love the rhyming names of Giant and Dwarf, it really made me laugh. Good luck with it all 🙂

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