Attend the BBF Writer’s Workshop!

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Hello everyone! Some of you might be aware that my brain created Blogger Book Fair–the annual event that showcases hundreds of books across various blogs run by authors and book bloggers.

At first I scheduled the event bi-annually for every February and July. Well, I’ve taken on other projects that don’t allow me to spend as much time on the BBF as before, so I came up with another related event that is far less work for me and more beneficial for authors who are starting out or established authors who want to learn more about writing, publishing and marketing books. This event is the BBF Writer’s Workshop.

For one weekend in February, we’ll be showing videos and listening to podcasts from authors and other industry professionals. They’ll all have a topic to discuss and will be available for 30 minutes after their presentation via social media to answer questions.

It all starts on February 8th and we’ll wrap it up on February 9th with an after party on Facebook.

To get more information and make sure you don’t miss anything, check out this blog post over on the BBF Blog.


One thought on “Attend the BBF Writer’s Workshop!

  1. Reblogged this on Dara Rochlin Book Doctor and commented:
    Just heard about the Blogger Book Fair Workshops coming February 8th and 9th, 2014, from the comfort of your computer chair. Videos and podcatst from authors and other industry professionals, including my friend and previous guest post author, Susan Kaye Quinn. I’m Marking the Calendar now… won’t you join me ?
    PS: The Blogger Book Fair is scheduled in July… don’t miss that either!
    Happy Reading,

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