Cover Reveal: The Askinar Towers by Chris Mentzer

Isn’t it a great day for a cover reveal? Here is the cover for The Askinar Towers: Book 1 by Chris Mentzer. It’s set to be released on January 31st. Check it out and don’t forget to read the blurb!

Book 1_Medium


Sara’s tenth birthday was concluded by a visit from the family friend known only as The Professor. He gives Sara a special key that starts her on a great adventure! Along with her sister, Erika, she gains access to a world dominated by four towers.

Their goal is to find a way back home and that means finding the Fifth Tower, which is considered a legend. Along the way they join up with a detective from 1935 New York, a female secret agent from 1969 Washington D.C., and a King’s Champion. Together they encounter obstacles that delay their travels.

But someone else is ever present watching the progress of the girls and their friends. A black robed figure trails behind with an agenda of some sort. Does it want the key or the girls? To find out more, read book 1: Nexus of the Worlds.


Author’s Biography:

B&W AvatarChris has been interested in writing ever since 1982 when he was given an English assignment in the 9th grade. He had to write a paragraph using a lot of detail. Although he wasn’t sure if he completely understood the assignment, he wrote a scene in a bank where a guy was coming out of the bathroom and witnessed a robbery in progress. The detail portion came in when the witness described the robber to the police. From that moment Chris decided he wanted to be a writer.

Between 1982 and 2005, he made several attempts to write a story; it was his goal to write the great American novel, you know the one that everyone wants to own and read. The majority of his work lay incomplete in a personal slush pile in a filing cabinet.

Having read the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis, and all fantasy books by David Eddings, he took a stab at Fantasy with minimal success. He even attempted Science Fiction with a couple of buddies while in college. The bottom line was, he lacked discipline and the desire to stick with any one project.

All that would change in 2005, because in November of that year, Chris entered his first writing challenge held by the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) website. Although the goal was 50,000 words, he obtained his personal goal of 25K, which went on to be the foundation of book 1 of The Askinar Towers Trilogy. He later wrote foundations for books 2 and 3 in ’07 and ’09 respecitvely. His inspiration for the towers books came from John DeChancie’s Castle Perilous series and Doctor Who’s Paradise Towers.

Chris lives in Mesa, AZ with his wife and two daughters. He is currently employed in the retail industry working in the produce department. In his spare time, when not writing or stalking the social media streams, Chris loves to hike out in the Lost Dutchman area and Saguaro Lake.

Visit His Website


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