#CovenandCoffin Blog Hop: Hour 3 of the Murder Mystery Party

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The Coven and Coffin Blog Hop:

From October 27th until November 1st six authors, including myself, are participating in the Coven and Coffin Blog Hop. This hop is a little different from all the rest since we’re each sort of putting on our own show. For instance, I’m running the Murder Mystery Party. You’ll find that post down below. Each day will be another hour at the party. The suspects are us–the authors doing the hop. Each day on my blog you’ll read part of the Murder Mystery script and you’ll also meet one of the authors. You must pick up the clues as you read and try to figure out which one of us is the killer. How fun does that sound? Well, there is plenty more where that came from. There is also a Hop wide giveaway. We’re giving away a huge prize pack to one luck reader, so be sure to enter the giveaway each day. Now, here is what the other authors are doing and how to find them:

Noree Cosper: Ghost Stories

Peter Dawes: Stormy Night Flash Fiction

Jessica Fortunato: Halloween Treats and Recipes

Kayleigh Grian: Characters in Costume

M. R. Graham: Tributes to Those We’ve Lost

The Murder Mystery Party Continues!

The Rules:

  • Readers may ask one question in the comments section per day.
  • Only 3 questions will be answered per day and some answers may throw you off the trail.
  • All authors have motive to kill the victim, only one had the guts.
  • Each day is another hour at the party.
  • The party starts at seven and you must find the killer by midnight!

The Party Goers:

Kayla Curry (Host)
Noree Cosper (Guest)
Jessica Fortunato (Guest)
Peter Dawes (Guest)
M. R. Graham (Guest)
Kayleigh Grian (Guest)
Stanford McQueen (Totally made up guest)
You (Guest and Detective)

In case you missed it:

7:00 p.m.

8:00 p.m.

9:00 p.m. 

“Anyone could have killed him and stashed the weapon in here,” you say out loud. A silence has fallen over the room. “That doesn’t mean Kayla is innocent, but it doesn’t mean she is guilty either.”

“We need to establish a timeline,” Kayleigh Grian says.

“Yes,” you say, “Let’s start at the discovery of the body and work our way back. Jessica, you found the body slightly before eight o’clock. I was talking to Kayla when I heard you scream.”

“That’s right,” Jessica says. I had just finished talking to Kayleigh when I excused myself to use the restroom.”

Kayleigh nods her head in agreement.

“When is the last time anyone saw Stanford alive?” you ask.

“I saw him at seven thirty,” says MR Graham. “He was heading down the hallway towards the bathroom.

“Did anyone else see him after seven thirty?” you ask. No one speaks up. You remember that you had him sign your books just before that. It must have been about 20 minutes after you arrived.

“Well, he must have been killed shortly after seven thirty then,” Peter says.

You try to think back to the point just after he signed your books. The hallway wasn’t very busy during the party. After all, everyone had just gotten there. You know Jessica had gone down the hall because she supposedly discovered the body. Maybe she killed him first and then pretended to discover the body.

“Jessica, you’re the only one we know for sure went down that hallway,” you say.

“That’s right. She even has a motive,” Kayleigh said. “She told me something when we were talking.”

Attention turned to Jessica as she explained that Stanford had purposely released his book on the same day as her to steal her thunder. “But I didn’t kill him!” she adds.

You seem to be hearing that a lot, but you still don’t know who to trust. You know you need solid evidence to prove who the killer is. You decide that another look at the murder scene is in order as the clock strikes ten.


Jessica Fortunato Bio:

vampy author Jess (1)Jessica Fortunato writes a rare combination of Paranormal/ Supernatural/ Religious Literary Fiction.  She lives in Pennsylvania with her family, a clumsy black cat, and year round Halloween decorations.  Rarely seen in direct sunlight, reports of Jessica’s vampirism remain unsubstantiated.


The Sin Collector
The Sin Collector: Thomas
Sacrifice (Book 2 of The Sin Collector Trilogy)

The Giveaway:

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