#CovenandCoffin Blog Hop! Hour 1 of the Murder Mystery Party

Halloween event copy

The Coven and Coffin Blog Hop:

From October 27th until November 1st six authors, including myself, are participating in the Coven and Coffin Blog Hop. This hop is a little different from all the rest since we’re each sort of putting on our own show. For instance, I’m running the Murder Mystery Party. You’ll find that post down below. Each day will be another hour at the party. The suspects are us, the authors doing the hop. Each day on my blog you’ll read part of the Murder Mystery script and you’ll also meet one of the authors. You must pick up the clues as you read and try to figure out which one of us is the killer. How fun does that sound? Well, there is plenty more where that came from. There is also a Hop wide giveaway. We’re giving away a huge prize pack to one luck reader, so be sure to enter the giveaway each day. Now, here is what the other authors are doing and how to find them:

Noree Cosper: Ghost Stories

Peter Dawes: Stormy Night Flash Fiction

Jessica Fortunado: Halloween Treats and Recipes

Kayleigh Grian: Characters in Costume

M. R. Graham: Tributes to Those We’ve Lost

The Murder Mystery Party Begins!

The Rules:

  • Readers may ask one question in the comments section per day.
  • Only 3 questions will be answered per day and some answers may throw you off the trail.
  • All authors have motive to kill the victim, only one had the guts.
  • Each day is another hour at the party.
  • The party starts at seven and you must find the killer by midnight!

The Party Goers:

Kayla Curry (Host)
Noree Cosper (Guest)
Jessica Fortunado (Guest)
Peter Dawes (Guest)
M. R. Graham (Guest)
Kayleigh Grian (Guest)
Stanford McQueen (Totally made up guest)
You (Guest and Detective)

7:00 p.m.

You arrive at the party and meet the host, Kayla Curry. She is the author of the Mystic Stones Series. Kayla introduces you to Noree Cosper, Jessica Fortunado, Peter Dawes, M. R. Graham, Kayleigh Grian and Stanford McQueen. You decide to talk to Noree first.

As it turns out, Noree, happens to be the author of A Prescription for Delirium. She excuses herself to talk to Kayleigh, and you find Peter Dawes sitting alone.

You talk to him some more and find out that he is the author of the Vampire Flynn Series, and he has a deep hatred for Stanford McQueen because he paid some top reviewers to give Peter bad reviews.

As the first half of the hour ticks on, you also talk to Jessica Fortunado, the author of The Sin Collector Series and M. R. Graham the author of The Wailing and In the Shadow of the Mountains. Then you run into Kayleigh Grian, who is an up and coming author of several short stories and you get the inside scoop on her W.I.P novel, Sapphire and Sage.

It’s turning out to be a great night. You meet famous author Stanford McQueen too! You’ve even gotten your books autographed by all the authors.

You enjoy a slice of cake and a drink of punch. You’re deep in conversation with the host when you suddenly hear a scream coming from the hallway. Everyone rushes down the hall and sees Jessica Fortunado standing in the doorway that leads to the bathroom.

“He’s dead!” Jessica yells! Everyone takes a look in the bathroom.

There in the bathtub is Stanford McQueen. He’s got a bloody wound on his head as if he was hit with something. His arms and legs are draped over the edge of the clawfoot tub and blood is dripping down his forehead as he stares blankly at the mirror.

The clock chimes for 8 o’clock as you try to think about who could have done this.


Peter Dawes Bio:

Peter Dawes is an author of urban fantasy, native to the Philadelphia, PA area. The stories he writes often focus on the paranormal, with real life people being thrown into extraordinary circumstances. The clash of good vs evil and hero vs villain is a staple of his work, though he is never content to leave the hero unscathed by the end of the day. There is always a trial experienced and a lesson learned, even if it’s learned the hard way. Far from being an archetypal author, though, Peter Dawes recognizes that what is black and white is often painted with shades of gray and even the heroes fall while the villains rise above. To Peter, the classic struggle epitomizes something within all of us that digs deep for the last mile, doggedly holds on to love, and sometimes ignores the safe path for the road less traveled. He also may or may not be a vampire. He leaves that for the reader to determine.

WebsiteAmazon | Twitter | Facebook


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