MSP Author Spotlight: Sam Bennett

MSP Author Spotlight!

For the next few months, Tuesdays (Wednesday in this case-Wordpress was being tricky) on my blog will feature one of my fellow Martin Sisters Publishing authors. There are a bunch of us, and we all write in various genres, so enjoy the fun stuff included in these posts and maybe even check out the MSP website.

Today’s feature is Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher by Sam Bennett.

Synopsis of “Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher”

“It’s time for your music lesson!” UGH! Do you remember those typical music lessons, with the eighty-year-old teacher rapping your knuckles while the metronome ticked-ticked-ticked away? Well, FORGET IT! After being inspired by the works of authors such as Garrison Keillor, Jean Shepherd, and James Herriot, I have written a book of stories about the teaching profession entitled “Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher.” These dozens of vignettes were compiled from my twenty years as a private tutor of the trumpet, in which I would travel from house to house and to various schools to give lessons to school-age trumpet students in the Chicago suburbs.

Memoirs Cover

After teaching over 20,000 lessons, I have encountered almost every imaginable type of family situation in my students’ homes. There have been parents who didn’t even know the names of their children, or who had no clue who I was even after several years of having me in their house to teach their kid. I’ve taught many lazy students who made horrific sounds on their trumpet, as I describe using unusual letter combinations throughout the book. In addition, I’ve taught trumpeters who were nerds, geeks, jocks, or who thought they were one of the ‘tough kids.’ I’ve encountered puzzled policemen, clueless car repair servicemen, and maniacal musical colleagues, with a toilet plunger and even a trip to the hospital thrown in along the way.


I’ve also experienced teaching lessons in my car when the school was locked, driving while my car engine was blowing up, and watching as my car hood flew up when I was on the highway. There have been dogs ‘losing control’ on my foot, Beagles singing along during their favorite melodies while my student and I played our trumpets, and a Chihuahua biting family members in awkward places. I’ve even had a slithering salamander sneak into my trumpet, talking birds that repeated embarrassing comments, and firecrackers going off in my hand.

In this book, my wife (also a music teacher) and my pre-school age sons participate in some of these adventures during trumpet lessons at my own house. These stories all occurred between fifteen and thirty years ago, and I have changed everyone’s name, including my own and my family members names. Of course, this book includes memoirs of many, many wonderful students and families that I have met during my years as a trumpet teacher. Woven through the narrative are stories of our long awaited purchase of a home and the effect that the birth of our children had on our students. As my friends and colleagues have done, I hope that you also find some of these stories humorous, and others poignant.

Find out more about Memoirs of a Trumpet Teacher on the Martin Sisters Publishing site.


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