Custom Marketing Plan just for You!


Hello everyone! Last month I had an auction on my premade covers. This month I’ve decided to cut the cost of my custom marketing plan from $30 to $20. That’s right. One Jackson will get you a marketing plan customized to your brand. I will work with you to come up with a marketing plan that suits you and your business style.

You’ll get a consultation with me either via Email, Skype or Google hangouts–your choice, a document outlining the things you can do to market you and your book(s), and a free “How-To” pamphlet on building an audience profile.

I’ll ask you a series of questions and visit your social media sites, websites and blogs, as well as check out your books to get a feel for who you are. If you don’t already have a clear brand image, we’ll work on clarifying who you are as an author, how your books fit into that equation, and how to use that to your advantage when marketing. If you do have a clear brand image, we’ll talk about strengthening it and using it in your marketing efforts.

I’m still raising money for an editor for my WIP, Where the Carnies Are, so I would love it if you would help me by letting me help you. Oh, and I want to buy a great birthday present for my hubby who makes it possible for me to stay home and do what I love. I’ll always do my best to answer your questions, and make sure you understand the marketing plan.

To order a custom marketing plan, please use the contact form below and I will get back to you within 48 hours–usually less. You can also check out the other services I offer here. I’m also having a sale on blogger review queries. I’ll query 10 review blogs with 1000+ followers who read your genre for $7.

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