iAuthor and why you should join!

Before I start, I just want to say that I wasn’t asked by anyone to write this. This is just me telling you about this cool site that I found!

Here it is guys! A site where you can add your books for free, classify them in themes with other books, like covers and blurbs, and follow other users, books, and themes.

iauthoriAuthor is brand new, but man, is it cool! I’ve added all my books and short stories to this site. It’s easy to navigate, its fun to use, and I really wish more people were on there with their books so I can add them to my themes!

Here is how it works. You join, you add your author info, you create adverts for your books. (Adverts include cover, blurb, buy links, and even extras like videos if you want to add them.)

From there you can see your book or books on the main page from time to time. This is one of the best parts about this site. The main page is simply book cover images and they are randomized. You can sort it to most popular, or whatever, but the default is randomized, which means it’s FAIR!

Next we have themes. Themes are what classify your book. They can be genre related like Epic Fantasy Books with Magical Worlds, or they can be literally connected to the theme of the book like Books that show how much we have come to rely on technology. I also have a theme for short stories and a theme for vampire books. One minor set back is that anyone can add or remove books from a theme, but if you are the creator, or even if you aren’t, you can always put a note in the comments section asking people to please not remove books from the theme unless they are the author of the book or the creator of the theme. I do hope that they create private and public themes to fix this problem.

Hint: Having your book on a theme will make it more discoverable to readers who like the same kind of book.

By the way, this site isn’t just for authors, it’s for readers too!

Readers can log on, browse books, check out blurbs and be taken right to the retailer of their choice if they decide to buy.  Readers can also create their own themes and browse existing themes. You can follow a theme to keep tabs on the books added to it. Having your own themes are a great way to keep track of books and classify them the way you want to instead of just by genre. Plus, you can browse by genre too!

So what are you waiting for? Meet me on iAuthor! Sign up and find me here: http://www.iauthor.uk.com/profile/kayla-curry:707 Feel free to add your books to my themes if they fit and create your own. This site is like a books only Pinterest!


8 thoughts on “iAuthor and why you should join!

  1. Good information and thanks for posting this. I created my account & advert and am now “following” you – but can you tell me how you added themes and how you find these other people (sorry if that is a dumb question).

    • Sure! Just click on the “My Account” button in the top right corner. On the page, you’ll see four grey boxes. Click on the one labeled “Create Theme.” Then you can name your theme and upload an image for the theme. After you click on the read box labeled create your theme, you can then browse for books that match your theme. Click on the books to be taken to their advert page and from there you should be able to add the book to your theme. You can also add your own books to your theme.

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