My current events update!

Here is a little update of everything I have going on right now.

First, I still need more people to sign up for the Word of Mouth Mailing list. I would LOVE to have 20 people by the end of the month. It’s pretty simple. The basic concept is that it’s a newsletter where anyone who is a member can also contribute and ask for help on spreading the word about something. A virtual phone tree, if you will. Anyway, more info here: Word of Mouth Mailing List.

fortune teller blog hop copyNext, don’t forget about the Fortune Teller Blog Hop on September 16th. There is still plenty of time to sign up. It’s a simple fun way to present your characters and perhaps foreshadow something in their future. Check it out here: Fortune Teller Blog Hop.

Yet another thing I have going on right now is my cover auction. I’m putting up covers on this facebook event and anyone can bid on them or request a cover too! I’m trying to raise money for an editor for my WIP, Where the Carnies Are, and I could really use some help! Check it out here: Cover Auction!   This goes to the end of the month.

Also going to the end of the month is the ebook sale on Obsidian. You can get it pretty much anywhere for only $3.50. Here are some links:

As for writing I’m working on three projects right now. First on my priority list is the second story in the Vibe Series, second is my new novel, Where the Carnies Are, and third is a short story that I’m publishing in October. It’s a horror piece that I think you’ll enjoy if you like creepy stuff.

So, that’s about it for now. What are you all working on? Anything new and exciting?


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