8 Tips on creating ATTENTION GRABBING headlines!!

I’ve recently picked up a few books on generating interesting headlines, my favorite is 555 Hot Marketing Headlines. ($.99 on Amazon at time of posting)

The book mentioned above gives you examples of headlines and has a host of other resources at the end.

Anyways, here’s what I learned from this book and other books:

Use numbers! People like lists so if you are blogging a list. Be sure to say how big your list is. If it’s a huge list you can say that too. (5 Ways to Sell More Books! 20 Tips on Improving Your Social Media Profiles! Big List of Books!)

Use words like FREE, Giveaway! and Sale! People love deals. If there is a giveaway in your post, mention it in the headline!

Ask questions! People like putting in their two cents. A question will get them thinking and reading!

Use words like Guide, How-To and Advice. People like to learn stuff. Telling them that you are sharing your knowledge will mean that they may be able to learn something and they may be able to teach you something too!

Use words like New, Never-Before-Seen, Announcing and Exclusive! People like to be the first to hear about new trends, products and services. Using these words, tells them that they will have the first opportunity to tell their friends, family and co-workers about something new.

Controversial headlines draw them in too. People love controversy, but use this one with care.

Capitalize. People see capital letters easier. Just don’t go overboard. One or two capital words are just fine. More than that might be excessive.

Combining a few of these will be even better!

Checking out Tribber and page views form my blog, I can see that my most popular recent headlines from Paranormal Lounge have been:

Big list of Paranormal Books! (List)

If you were a character in a novel, what role would you play? (Question)

BE MINE Giveaway for Obsidian: Mystic Stones Series #1 (Giveaway word use)

50 Shades Stance (I think this falls more under the controversial category than the number category)

Announcing a new short story series from . . . ME! (Announcing)

How do you draw people in with blog headlines? Come back tomorrow for a post on why I’m struggling to sell books and how you can learn from my struggle.


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