Author Kayla Curry

Fantasy with Victorian Charm and Fairytale Flair.



Please accept this gift.

You are unique and special.

Everyone is.

That’s why I wrote Sideshows: 26 Flash Fiction Stories based on the novel, Where the Carnies Are, and because I believe everyone needs to be reminded how special they are, I’m giving this collection away.

This collection of 26 flash fiction stories started out as my project for the annual A to Z Blogging Challenge. Since I failed and only finished half of them, I pushed myself to write the rest in the following months. Although the stories turned out to be fairly difficult for me to write, I think anyone who reads them will enjoy and relate to at least one of them. Each story contains a look at one of 23 different characters. Well, technically 24 characters, but you’ll see what I mean.

Each story is a heart-warming piece of life, meant to inspire and spread happiness to those who read them. My goal was to create fantastical characters with average problems that everyone can relate to. Each story and character is unique. With a dash of magic, the people you’ll read about will help you learn to celebrate and embrace your individuality.

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About the Author

Kayla Curry’s creative mind never sleeps. Literally.

At night, her active imagination produces dreams all night long. It’s those dreams that provide much of the inspiration for her stories which have a little Victorian charm mixed with a fairy tale flair.

Her works include Where the Carnies Are, Obsidian (Mystic Stones Series #1), and many short stories.

She lives in North Platte, Nebraska with her husband and two sons and she plans to keep writing and creating for the rest of her life.



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